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The Client:

An International Port Developer and Operator

Business Issue:

With an operation of over 40 ports globally, this multi-national corporation decided to align its Performance Management System within the Group subsidiaries and associated companies so as to pave way for launching its management succession program. As a strategic move to strengthen the global managerial capabilities, the company decided to develop an e-Program for its managers to master the newly introduced Performance Management Process and learn the basic skills for performance management.

Tag : Performance Management, e-Learning, Project Management

The Client:

A Utility Company in Hong Kong

Business Issue:

The company was concerned about the risks of losing its technical expertise and working knowledge assembled over the years by the aging workforce. They would want the "old hands" to pass on their expertise to the upcoming young engineers.

A Mentoring program was thus initiated. Following the recommendation of an international consultant, the program consisted of 4-day face-to-face training focusing on training the mentors on the mentoring process. Scheduling of the training classes became a headache as both the mentors and mentees were always too busy for work. Such approach was then considered as very expensive and ineffective.

An alternative method for facilitating the mentor development became imperative.

Tag : Coaching, e-Learning, Project Management, Blended Learning

The Client:

A leading Bank in Hong Kong with over 10,000 employees

Business Issue:

The bank was looking for a training solution for ensuring that their staffs were fully aware and knowledgeable of “Compliance” issues as required under the Banking Regulations, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) Guidelines and Company Policies.

Timing and cost were of prime importance as the mandate was for the Bank staff, including local new recruits and staff from mainland, to complete the training on the first day of work or need basis. Given the time constraint, the project implementation became a gigantic task in terms of venue coordination and staff attendance scheduling.

Tag : Compliance, e-Learning, Project Management

The Client:

An International Insurance Company

Business Issue:

The top management had adopted several new core values for the company. A series of training and communication programs became necessary for introducing these new core values to its staff.

It was believed that fostering the new culture could not succeed solely by a direct one-way communication approach. The values could not be just spoon-fed into the staff minds. Rather, these values had to be internalized and deepened into their daily work. It became necessary for finding an appropriate communication vehicle to sustain the "Change Culture" program.

Tag : Culture Change, e-Learning, Project Management

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