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Training Program

We have a dynamic pool of consultants and trainers with collective capabilities of various domains. Over the years, we have conducted training courses and workshops for NGC Management Curriculum, Public Listed Companies and Small Medium Enterprises in various sectors.


Your corporate training objectives and strategies have to be translated into actionable learning programs. Effective training rests upon not just the subject materials, but also the program design and delivery. At NGC, we firmly believe in linking all training programs to staff performance measurement. Also, we adopt different types of pragmatic training approach to help participants to transfer skills to workplace.

    Our Signatory Programs

The purpose of any simulation is to let you experiment with reality – without ruining your business. Our business simulations are not just games; they are self-contained learning experiences that recreate real workplace or operational environments and give your people the opportunity to test new skills and knowledge – and make mistakes – in a fun, safe environment.

It is our firm belief that people learn when being motivated, stimulated and having fun. Our simulations create a spontaneous learning process – people learn without noticing they do!

Key Learning:
Business Acumen
Financial Acumen
Big Picture Thinking
Organizational Alignment
Change Management
Project Success

Change Leadership
Coaching for Leader
Creating On-Strategy SMART Objectives and Making It Work
Achieving Wellness

Supporting Tool  :     Trust, Leadership & Culture Survey by Fortinberry Murray

Coaching for Performance for Employees
Career Coaching Practice & Skills for Managers

Support Tool  :     Facet5 Psychometric Test

Building A Winning Team
Driving A High Performing Team

Supporting Tool  :     Facet5 (Group TeamScape Report)

No matter what your role, you may have to manage, or play an active role in, a project at some point during your career. It takes a great deal of skill to do this well and the time you invest in building good project management skills can pay off enormously.

You contribute to meeting an organization's objectives by completing projects on time and on budget. This can produce real business results and enhance your reputation. And, when you know how to organize, schedule and delegate tasks, you can also reduce stress for yourself and your team members.

Our programs :

Project Planning and Control for Project Leaders
Project Program and Portfolio Management
Outsourcing and Vendor Management
Effective Leadership and Communication for Project Professionals
Managing Without Authority ----- Leadership Skills for Project Managers
Project Risk Management In Action
Project Conflict Resolution And Expectation Management

Supporting Tool  :     Facet5 (Group TeamScape Report)