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HR Consulting

Globalization and technology advancement has made much impact on the economy and human society.  The business environment is changing in an ever increasing pace.  Successful companies are companies that can cope with challenges arising from these changes.  

Today's managers are charged with the responsibility for identifying changes in the macro and micro-environment.  They are often required to initiate change programs for turning potential threats into opportunities.

Implementing a successful change program in organizations is often easier to be said than done.  You'll need to enable your staff to become aware of the need and imperatives for change, overcome the inertia, introduce new skills and behaviors, provides support and reinforcement that are conducive to success.  All these call for a well-structured approach.  At NGC, we are ready to help you through.  

Our scope of service covers:

  • HR Project Coaching
  • HR Audit
  • Post-M&A Integration
  • HR System Integration & Implementation
  • Culture Building