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Flexible Learning

NGC is a new breed human resources and talents development consultancy firm. Our strength is on blending advanced technology with conventional human development programs in building performance-based learning solutions.  To meet the growing on-demand learning needs, we are providing multiple learning channels for building human capital capabilities, including but not limited to e-Learning, mobile learning and social learning.

    Our Signatory Programs

We build Learning Infrastructure to support flexible learning, allowing learners to access learning and knowledge anytime and anywhere.

Human Development programs are strategic.  In designing the right human development programs, we will carefully consider your corporate goals and strategic objectives.  Our solution will be designed to address your needs and to establish the right learning infrastructure with the right technology.  


It is of utmost importance for corporations to set up a well-designed Learning Infrastructure.  In essence, this is a framework that deploys actionable learning activities to the target learner group at the right time.  By linking the learning infrastructure with the performance management system, your human capital development programs are ensured to be relevant, effective and efficient.  

To incorporate e-Learning as one of the learning deployment channels, practitioners always face with the challenges of courseware design, courseware content maintenance, hardware deployment, service support and budget setting etc.  

But more importantly, the task of integrating e-Learning programs with other conventional learning activities and launching the programs on a timely basis will require the professional service support from e-Learning experts.  

NGC provides custom built e-Learning solutions as well as ready-made programs for you.  They can be deployed over the internet or your company intranet for programs on Company Orientation, Customer Service Skills, Product Knowledge Update, Policy Compliance, Culture Change and many others.  

Some of our e-Learning services:
  • GameBoard ... Carefully designed game-based platform to engagelearners for effective learning with fun


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  • NewsUpbeat ... Comical episodes built around a specific learning subject to be deployed at regular intervals over your e-mail system, from corporate values to work habits etc.
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  • e-Assessment ... A disciplined approach for learners to practice, drill and test their knowledge on selected subject, anytime and anywhere.
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  • e-Orientation ... A timely and cost effective solution providing a virtual tour of your company, from corporate vision and history to objectives and policies.
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  • e-Seminar ... An on-demand viewing solution using data broadcasting and video streaming technology to capture live events and presentations catering for business executives with a busy schedule.
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  • e-Story ... Implemented on multi-media platform, an effective way to convey the corporate missions and values through well crafted stories derived from real world and work place scenarios.