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Our Robust Solution Building Processes

For the past years, we have adopted the following processes to custom-build solution to help our clients to achieve business success. Our Robust Solution Building Processes will ensure our solutions are designed to be on-target, effective and efficient.

4D Solution Process

This practical model ensures the provision of the "On-Strategy" Solution, catering for your corporate objectives.

Diagnosing Phase

Meet with management & project owner for understanding the background, business needs & expectation of the Project, thus establishing the Project Objectives.

Conduct interview/focus group with related stakeholders to identify the underlying issues & challenges.

Designing Phase

Define the implementation strategy, the solution process & performance metrics to align with the agreed Project Objectives.

Development Phase

Develop the pilot program, if appropriate, to ensure the practicality of the Solution.

Develop the Solution.

Deployment Phase

Conduct solution rollout.

Conduct post-implementation evaluation.

PDPR Training Process

Our process is to ensure that all training programs are designed to be On-Target, effective and efficient.

Planning the Program

Identify the performance gaps by studying the major work activities of the participants.  The collected information will be used for building client specific cases & exercises to encourage interactive discussion during the program delivery. 

Develop the program content and format that will facilitate the participants to understand the core knowledge of the subject and to master the skills for workplace usage. 

Deploying the Program

Deliver the training program by sophisticated facilitator within the defined time schedule. 

Prompting the Feedback

Observe the participants’ behaviors and collect their views during the program. 

Communicate the feedback and propose follow-up actions for the client. 

Reinforcing the Learning

Review the actual workplace usage with the participants and identify areas for improvement.